Easy2Sing Music Video 
Our mission is to brighten your day! 

Welcome to Easy2Sing Music Video!!

Good old-fashioned sing-alongs... with a twist... on DVD video. 
We aim to make singing easy and enjoyable for seniors attending group activities in adult care settings. Our videos are also wonderful for family gatherings, schools and individual viewing. 

The songs we use are proven to be familiar, popular and easy to sing! 

Our friendly and affectionate song leader, LuAnn Pallazola, helps to makes this a fun time and much more personal than karaoke.
What makes our sing-alongs "Easy2Sing"?
  • The keys are lower than those used in most vocal recordings.
  • We add a little extra time between some phrases to allow for breathing.
  • We make the melody stand out.
  • The song leader in the video makes it easier to sing along.

Other elements that will delight your residents, clients & staff:
- Sense of humor & affection
- Captivating images
- Large block-style lyrics that appear automatically 
- Each word or syllable highlights as it is sung
- Works on any DVD player


We're updating our web site, trying to make it easier for you to learn more about our music videos. Thank you for your patience!



   Easy2Sing Sing-Along Video